BSN Borneo Trip

Our Year 8 and 9s were off to Borneo for a week and I was lucky enough to be going along with them (I did organise the trip after all).

We went out with an organisation called Camps International.

They were excellent throughout the planning stages and all of the people (guides, etc) we met after arrival were equally professional. Overall, we had a very satisfactory trip and would recommend them to anyone looking for such an experience. Check out their website

So, to Ann, Al, Andrea, Ramaesh, Kasim, Fendy, Billy, Derek, Inus and all of the others whose names I never got to know, I would like to say a big thank you.

Our trip took in a wide variety of experiences. We got to spend time in 3 camps and they were all excellent in terms of facilities, etc. Everything was very beautiful and I even slept much better than I thought I would. The jungle is quite noisy but you stop noticing after a while. My favourite camp was probably at Thinagol in the north as it was quite large and the longhouse we slept in was very cool.

We got to see a wide variety of wildlife.

The kids also worked on a couple of community projects. Afterwards, they had time for some fun cultural activities as well. Seeing the kids working so hard was a proud moment. Especially on the kindergarten site, everybody stepped up and put in some really back-breaking labour.

So, this was an experience to remember for myself and the other teachers on the trip. The kids handled themselves with great maturity (mostly!) and can be pleased with what they achieved, while having a huge amount of fun along the way.

Plus, nobody died! Woo!

Thanks, Camps International, we’ll be in touch soon.

Take care,



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