Merry Christmas!

Mariko and I went for dinner at an Italian restaurant near Inuyama Castle called Va Bene. We had a very pleasant meal, although I forgot the memory card in my X-E2 – Doh! Had to make do with the Fuji Instax Mini 90 instead. Took a couple of us in our new Christas prezzie based glad-rags once we got home. Thanks for a great Christmas darling! Thanks to the folks and or sister for the cool camera T-shirt and Mariko’s new top. Ho ho ho!


Awesome Caterpillar

The kids at school found this in the bushes. Very cool!


Shot with new X-A1

Japan – Izakaya at Night, Richard’s Delight

Our local.

Japan – Scenic Gifu

Red Sky at Night…

Japan – Scenic Gifu

Some lovely countryside in Gifu…

Japan – Mother and Daughter

Darling wife and mum-in-law.

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